Why use SMPLink instead of standalone credit card terminals?

Quick service restaurant operators who use the System Manager Pro point of sale system have a choice between using integrated credit processing and standalone terminals. Integrated credit allows the credit card to be swiped directly on the pos workstation. Using SMPLink™ is the only PCI compliant way to process integrated credit transactions on an SMP system.

Standalone credit card terminals

Using standalone credit card terminals seems like the simple way to process credit transactions, however, they have serious disadvantages.

Reentry errors

The sale gets entered on the pos workstation, and then the total of the sale gets reentered on the standalone terminal. The reentry of data is prone to having errors.

Multiple receipts

The sale will have two receipts, one from the pos system and another from the credit terminal.

Slow speed of service

The reentry of totals into the standalone terminal adds 20 seconds or more to each transaction causing poor speed of service.

Fraud potential

Because the terminal requires no sale on the pos system, anyone can enter a fraudulent credit transaction at any time.

Unprofessional appearance

Lastly, the terminal takes space on your front counter and it looks unprofessional.

Integrated Credit with SMPLink™

Integrated credit using SMPLink has many advantages over standalone units.

Single entry of data

The transaction is entered and card swiped directly on the pos workstation.

Fast speed of service

Most transactions are authorized in under a second.

Internet plus dial backup

Transactions are authorized thru the internet. If your internet goes down, SMPLink will revert to dialup.

Only one receipt

Transaction details as well as credit payment information all go on one receipt.

PCI compliant

With SMPLink and Transaction Vault, sensitive card information is never stored.

Easy reconciliation

Credit reports and balancing information is stored on the pos system.

Low cost to implement

In most cases, with multiple pos workstations in the restaurant, SMPLink is cheaper to implement than standalone terminals.

It works!

SMPLink™ has over 800 sites installed and has processed over 58 million transactions.

Find SMPLink™ on the PCI Council List of Validated Payment Applications: search for Application=”SMPLink” or Company=”Bunt Software”.

SMPLink™ is the ONLY PA-DSS compliant credit interface for the Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP) pos system.

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