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    As a QIR, Bunt Software is approved by the PCI Security Standards Council to install, configure, and/or maintain your critical payment software applications.

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    UPGRADE NOW to SMPLink™ v3.0 to assure PCI compliance for your Panasonic Panasonic SMP point-of-sale system! The upgrade is fast, easy and less expensive than any other alternative.

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Stay Compliant! Upgrade to SMPLink™ v.3 Now!

Developed by Bunt Software, the Panasonic point-of-sale software experts.

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Panasonic System Manager Pro SoftwarePanasonic System Manager Pro Users using earlier versions of SMPLink™ are urged to upgrade now to assure PCI compliance going forward. This upgrade is mandated by the latest PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). For credit transactions, SMPLink™ v3.0 uses TLS v1.2 exclusively; the most secure transport layer available.

PCI Compliance for Panasonic SMP Systems

PCI Compliance for Panasonic SMP Users

SMPLink with Transaction VaultWith comprehensive rules now in place regarding credit card practices, including PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Merchants that fail to comply with these new standards can incur substantial fines, or worse; be prevented from accepting credit cards. Bunt Software’s SMPLink™ is a PCI-compliant credit card interface software developed specifically for Panasonic System Manager Pro users and is the ONLY PCI compliant way to process integrated credit transactions with SMP. SMPLink™ v3.0 is PA-DSS v3.1 compliant. Learn more »

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