Top 8 Reasons to Upgrade to SMPLink™ Version 3

  1. Earlier versions of SMPLink™ are no longer PCI compliant. If Merchants don’t upgrade, they can no longer truthfully attest to their compliance on their annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Compliance is mandated by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  2. Merchant Link will stop supporting SSL version 3 and older versions of SMPLink™ will no longer work. As of now, there is no date set yet.
  3. Merchants may be fined by their processor for non-compliance.
  4. Merchants are held responsible for breaches. In addition to fines, they will be responsible for all of the fraud caused by the breach. It usually means bankruptcy.
  5. Point of sale dealers are sometimes held responsible for systems that are out of compliance.
  6. If it is an Arbys site, they will need to upgrade to SMPLink™ v3 by April 4 in order to support Vantiv gift cards. This is mandated by Arbys corporate.
  7. If the site is using Valutec gift cards, they need to upgrade to SMPLink™ v3 by this fall, otherwise they will be shut off.
  8. Upgrading is much cheaper than any other alternative.

To date, only 64 sites have been upgraded, there are still many hundreds of sites to go.

Merchants using older versions SMPLink™ need to move to SMPLink™ version 3.0 as soon as possible to avoid being the target of hacking. Contact your dealer to upgrade today.

SMPLink™ has been installed in 910 sites and has processed over 200 million transactions since 2010.

SMPLink™ is the BEST credit interface for the Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP) pos system.

Bunt Software is a PCI-QIR (Qualified Integrators & Resellers) certified by the PCI SCC.

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