Customer Success Stories: Panasonic, Dine Brands & Best Western

Over the years, Bunt Software has helped thousands of merchants implement secure payments. In quick service, we helped Panasonic System Manager Pro users become PCI compliant by implementing a middleware interface to Merchant Link’s TransactionVault. Customers like Wendy’s, Popeyes, Taco Johns, Arby’s and Cold Stone Creamery have processed over 50 million PCI compliant transactions. In casual dining, we helped Dine Brands implement tokenization for their Applebee’s restaurants. In lodging, we helped Best Western International analyze their systems and implement PCI compliant interfaces for hotels as well as their website.

We have a deep understanding of the PCI rules and have the expertise to identify what is in scope. We have implemented encrypted storage and communications. We handle both brick and mortar as well as E Commerce systems.

We are a certified PCI-QIR (Qualified Integrator and Reseller) company. We have written numerous PCI compliant credit interfaces using C#/VB .NET for Windows as well as Java on Linux. When required, we have validated the interfaces that we have created to the PA-DSS specifications. In addition, we have strong experience in many other languages and technologies. We have been working on PCI (and PABP) compliant software for since the beginning of credit card security (15 years).

Launched in 1997, Bunt Software is a leader in the field of powerful, point-of-sale software solutions. The driving force behind the company, its founder, Don Bunt, served as the lead architect of Panasonic’s System Manager Pro (SMP) software; widely used by major quick service restaurant chains and throughout the hospitality industry.

In addition to point-of-sale systems, Bunt Software also has extensive experience in the development of factory automation software, including G-Code based, vision-enabled, multi-axis machine control systems and Windows graphical user interfaces (GUI) for robotics, laser cutting, routing, dispensing and mechanical engraving.

Bunt Software’s development experience and expertise spans a wide array of industries and technologies. The company has Microsoft Certified Engineers on staff and develops innovative software solutions on a project or time & material basis. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next project.

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