Bunt Software to add Skype™ calling capability to Panasonic Attune® Drive-Thru Communications System

In cooperation with Panasonic, Bunt Software is pleased to announce the development of AttuneIn. AttuneIn is a pc-based software that provides free internet-based calling into and out of the Attune system.

AttuneIn supports telephone mode where calls can be placed to the manager headset. Telephone mode duplicates the functionality of the Panasonic Telephone Interface box with a pc-based free calling solution. It also supports broadcast mode where calls can be placed to the manager headset, all headsets, outside speaker or the aux speaker. AttuneIn can also place outbound Skype calls initiated from a headset.

Using a secondary sound card and simple wiring, AttuneIn runs on existing back office computers over existing internet connections.

The AttuneIn solution can be used for corporate offices to call into their sites or to host support calls to dealers and vendors without using traditional telephones. It will also be popular in hospital settings where calls between operating rooms and pharmacies are necessary.

AttuneIn supports the current generation of Attune systems as well as future Panasonic Drive-Thru Communications Systems.

AttuneIn will be available for sale in the next thirty to sixty days through the Bunt Software dealer networks.

About Bunt Software

Founded in 1997, Bunt Software is a software company specializing in commercial software development. Bunt Software has decades of experience in development of point of sale software. Software Architect, Don Bunt, has been working with Panasonic Retail Information Systems for decades.

Further information about Bunt Software is available at

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