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Top 8 Reasons to Upgrade to SMPLink™ Version 3

by Don Bunt 1. March 2017 07:36

1. Earlier versions of SMPLink™ are no longer PCI compliant. If Merchants don't upgrade, they can no longer truthfully attest to their compliance on their annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Compliance is mandated by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

2. Merchant Link will stop supporting SSL version 3 and older versions of SMPLink™ will no longer work. As of now, there is no date set yet.

3. Merchants may be fined by their processor for non-compliance.

4. Merchants are held responsible for breaches. In addition to fines, they will be responsible for all of the fraud caused by the breach. It usually means bankruptcy.

5. Point of sale dealers are sometimes held responsible for systems that are out of compliance.

6. If it is an Arbys site, they will need to upgrade to SMPLink™ v3 by April 4 in order to support Vantiv gift cards. This is mandated by Arbys corporate.

7. If the site is using Valutec gift cards, they need to upgrade to SMPLink™ v3 by this fall, otherwise they will be shut off.

8. Upgrading is much cheaper than any other alternative.

To date, only 64 sites have been upgraded, there are still many hundreds of sites to go.

Merchants using older versions SMPLink™ need to move to SMPLink™ version 3.0 as soon as possible to avoid being the target of hacking. Contact your dealer to upgrade today. 

SMPLink™ has been installed in 910 sites and has processed over 200 million transactions since 2010.

SMPLink™ is the BEST credit interface for the Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP) pos system. 

Bunt Software is a PCI-QIR (Qualified Integrators & Resellers) certified by the PCI SCC.

10 Million Vulnerable Credit Cards

by Don Bunt 18. March 2013 08:44

That is the number of cards that will pass thru the known vulnerable System Manager Pro software this year. There are still over 200 sites running SMP today without having SMPLink™ installed.

After SMP was deemed by Visa as vulnerable fifteen months ago, VisaNet processors were supposed to decertify the software. Who knows what that means?

What the processors have done is to institute “PCI Non-Compliance fees.” These fees of $10 to $30 per month are significantly cheaper for the merchant to pay than the cost of installing PCI compliant software and processes. Apparently, Visa will do nothing until a breach occurs, then a large fine will be imposed on the merchant.

Should the processors be allowed to overlook the usage of known vulnerable payment applications? We say NO!

Either kick these sites off your network or increase the fees to unbearable amounts.

Consumers may think twice before using their credit card in a quick service restaurant this year.


These sites can get PCI compliant now by installing SMPLink™.

SMPLink™ has nearly 750 sites installed and processes 2.75 Million PCI compliant credit transactions per month. SMPLink™ has also processed over one half million gift card transactions.
Find SMPLink™ on the PCI Council List of Validated Payment Applications: search for Application="SMPLink" or Company="Bunt Software".
SMPLink™ is the ONLY PA-DSS compliant credit interface for the Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP) pos system.

Payment Application Best Practices is dead. Now is the time for someone to take a stand!

by Don Bunt 2. March 2011 06:25


The first universal standard protecting credit card data is now dead.


Visa developed the Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) in 2005 to provide software vendors guidance in developing payment applications that help merchants and agents mitigate compromises, prevent storage of sensitive cardholder data and support overall compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


The PCI Security Standards Council has announced that PABP validated applications will expire today.  


The six year old PABP standard has been superseded by the much more secure “Payment Application – Data Security Standard” or PA-DSS. The PA-DSS was created in 2008 and is now on version 2.0.


Merchants using software validated against the PABP standard should have long ago moved to more secure systems. Unfortunately, they have not. 


What good are all of the new standards and new software, if no one is forced to use them?


Will the PCI Council force merchants to use the new standards?

Will Visa, Mastercard, American express or the other card brands?

How about the banks and processors?

The restaurant brands or franchisors?


Mr. Merchant, Who will stand by you when you have a breach and you are running an expired payment application?


Bunt Software is the maker of SMPLink™; a PA-DSS validated credit card interface software developed specifically for Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP) users that integrates seamlessly with Merchant Link's TransactionVault® - a system that stores sensitive cardholder data in a secure vault - not on your back office computer.


SMPLink™ is the ONLY PA-DSS compliant credit interface for the Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP) pos system.


Find SMPLink™ on the PCI Council List of Validated Payment Applications.

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