BuntSoft | SMPLink™ processes its 50 millionth PCI compliant transaction

SMPLink™ processes its 50 millionth PCI compliant transaction

by Don Bunt 20. February 2013 05:45

On Monday, SMPLink™ processed its 50 millionth PCI compliant transaction. SMPLink™ is PCI-compliant credit card interface software developed specifically for Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP) users that integrates seamlessly with Merchant Link's TransactionVault® - a system that stores sensitive cardholder data in a secure vault - not on your back office computer. SMPLink™ from Bunt Software has been validated under the PCI PA-DSS v1.2 rules.

The Panasonic System Manager Pro point of sale software was sold into over 2500 restaurants, representing almost every Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand. Unfortunately, the SMP software is vulnerable and not PCI compliant. The SMP software had interfaces to both Merchant Link's SiteNet and Southern DataComm's Protobase. Southern DataComm is now called Elavon.

Visa added SMP to the list of vulnerable payment applications in January, 2012. Based on a Visa compliance mandate effective 10/1/09, the SMP software must be decertified by VisaNet processors and agents within 12 months. That time has come and gone. In order to protect the consumers credit cards, the processors are enforcing the Visa guidelines.

Get PCI compliant now by installing SMPLink™.

SMPLink™ has nearly 750 sites installed and processes 2.75 Million PCI compliant credit transactions per month. SMPLink™ has also processed over one half million gift card transactions.

Find SMPLink™ on the PCI Council List of Validated Payment Applications: search for Application="SMPLink" or Company="Bunt Software".
SMPLink™ is the ONLY PA-DSS compliant credit interface for the Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP) pos system.

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